A story as sharp as if it were written by life itself.

Story description may contain spoilers.

Vivat Slovakia takes place during the wild 90s. years in the fictitious Bratislava. The newly founded state is writhing through birth pangs.

The streets are dominated by mafia gangs, which do not hide their power even on white days. Firing businesses, blowing up cars or otherwise settling scores is the order of the day. The practices of the underworld have also been adopted by some of the top echelons of government, who use the mafias to do their dirtiest work. The distinction between the secret service and organized crime is disappearing. Entities that should be on completely opposite sides are suddenly pulling together for power and economic reasons. Only the ordinary citizen has the short end of the stick.

The player finds himself in the role of a bald thirty-something who works for the secret police in the Internal Slovak Information Service. His cover job is that of a taxi driver, which allows him to move freely around the city and monitor glitches from close proximity.

Professional Slovak dubbing

You will hear Marian Labuda in the lead role, while your colleague, the young ear, is voiced by Lukáš Frlajs. You will also come across the most famous imitator Rasťo Piško or security analyst Milan Žitný.

Outside of the period music, the game's 90s title track is by Strapo and DJ Spinhandz.

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